Hometown of Newry

Hometown Of Newry

Supporting local communities

I decided to buck the trend and to come home to set up my business in Newry. What I have done here could be replicated in other Irish towns. But I did it here because it’s where I am from.
Brian Conlon

Brian’s own words sum up the intensity of his pride in Newry.

There is an African saying that it ‘takes a village to raise a child.’ Brian got that. Alongside his parents, Gerry and Josephine, he had many mentors throughout his childhood and adolescent years, teachers in school, coaches in football and lifelong friendships all grounded and formed in his hometown.

Brian had a strong sense of place.

Enablement Through Charity Giving - Brian Conlon Foundation

He didn’t just start his business in the town he loved so much but by headquartering, First Derivatives there, he made Newry a recognisable place name throughout the international arena of banking, high finance and IT.

The Foundation shares Brian’s love of Newry and its people. It is the intention of the Foundation to continue to make a social investment in Newry by supporting local initiatives, individuals and organisations on an annual basis.

Continuing the living legacy of Brian, the Foundation will contribute to projects and activities which will help improve communities and contribute to a pride of place in Newry.

The Brian Conlon Foundation will partner with the Community Foundation (NI) who will manage the application & grant making process for our community giving in Newry. The process for potential beneficiaries to apply for Grants is now open. Click here to apply. Awards will be made at the end of June.

Proud people indeed because Newry people are proud of the achievements of our sons and daughters. And for those of my generation in the Newry area Brian Conlon stood the tallest of all those achievers. Brian’s decision to locate his headquarters in Newry cannot be underestimated. The Newry he knew of the 1980’s was blighted with unemployment a staggering 28%…He was Newry through and through. His shadow looms large not just in the industry which he dominated but in the physical regeneration of Newry and the lives of thousands of young people for whom he provided opportunities beyond their imaginations.

Tom Kelly, Journalist Irish News

I don’t think he cared about the wealth, making an impact in Newry was really the big thing for him. When I worked in Newry, we got an awful lot of people from the full spectrum calling in to chat to Brian. It was most notable that people would re-emphasise what a great person he was – football coaches, schoolteachers, everyone. I have never seen the like of it anywhere else.

Danny Moore, President and CEO Options Technology

I have witnessed first-hand Brian’s personal drive and ability which has been pivotal in establishing Northern Ireland as a global centre of excellence for financial services. Brian was deeply attached to his home city of Newry and ensured that the success of FD as a company had a positive impact on the wider community.

Alastair Hamilton, ex-CEO of Invest NI

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