Foundation Governance

Foundation Governance and Monitoring on an ongoing basis

The Foundation is registered as a Charitable Trust with three trustees. Brian’s wife Julie, sister Kathy and brother Ciaran.

Our Foundation is registered with the Charities Commission for Northern Ireland.Registration Number: NIC108771.

We are also registered for tax purposes with HM Revenue & Customs. Charity Ref Number: NI01186.

All Donations made by the Brian Conlon Foundation will flow directly from our the objects and purposes of the Charity. All donations made to beneficiaries will be made fully transparent on our website and will be recorded as part of our governance process with both HMRC and the Charities Commission to include:

  • All donations made by The Brian Conlon Foundation will follow the criteria outlined in the foundations objectives
  • The amount donated to each beneficiary and the process followed in making the decision
  • Where a donation has been made as a scholarship, beneficiary or a charity – to ensure funds are being used as designated through a follow up process by the Foundation
  • To receive project updates and where required carry out reviews
  • To learn from our experiences and maximise future support in achieving public benefit and the Foundations Goals
  • All monies donated/raised will go to applicable beneficiaries, scholarships and charities.
  • All administration, running costs and out of pocket expenses of the Foundation will be paid directly by the family and not from the Foundations funds.
  • Once registered with Charities Commission, the Foundation as part of their annual governance will submit a report to ensure the Charity is complying with objects, relevant legislation and ensuring at all times is working for the public benefit.

Foundation Partners

We can’t achieve our goals alone. Together, with our partners, we aim to create new opportunities and support initiatives that will anchor the pillars of the Foundation and what it aims to carry out.