Advancement of Education

Pathways to Opportunities

We have an excellent educational base in NI. Whether it is the quality of the feeder schools or the first class universities  offering research facilities or focussed degrees, we are able to offer hundreds of young people global opportunities all from the island of Ireland”. Brian Conlon 

Brian was an outstanding academic. He knew the value of a good education. 

Academic ability was a key criteria for a job in First Derivatives, alongside having a positive attitude towards hard work and and an outgoing personality. Once graduates commenced work with the company they undertook a custom made training programme designed by Brian to ensure that his employees had the tools to succeed in major financial institutions throughout the world. Training and education was at the core of the companies DNA and an area that Brian was hugely passionate about.

Brian worked closely with schools, colleges and universities to help young people achieve their goals and avail of opportunities. These opportunities ultimately created potential pathways into First Derivatives ensuring that they attracted graduates of the highest calibre. Two examples of this were with QUB where he set up the first training trading room in Ireland and in 2018 he launched a masters in capital markets with Ulster University of Jordanstown.

The Foundation intends to build on the relationships initiated by Brian with educational institutions across Northern Ireland and locally in Newry. We hope by supporting academic achievement, through bursaries and endowments young people will able to pursue goals well beyond their current reach.

My first job out of college was at First Derivatives. Within two weeks of arriving, Brian pulled me aside one Thursday evening and asked if I had a passport, he told me I was going to Palo Alto on Monday for a quick visit. Over 20 years later I’m still in the US and have Brian to thank for it all – work, family, everything. I was one of the many people Brian gave such a wonderful start to. He believed in us and gave us as much responsibility as we were willing to take on. At that stage in our careers and being so young the faith that Brian showed in us was amazing and provided us a springboard for the rest of our careers. I come across FD alumni all the time working in the top firms in the industry each and every one of them owe a lot of where they are to Brian and his drive and vision. He was a great man and a true leader.

Peter Durkan, CEO Lucera, New York City.

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