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Brian lived and breathed sport. He excelled, whether it was in athletics, Gaelic football, soccer, cycling or triathlons. Sport was important for Brian in nurturing self discipline, goal setting and team building. On and off the field, Brian was a leader, a motivator and mentor.

Participation in sport helped mould and shape him into the formidable leader he became. It can do the same for others who have the dedication and ambition to achieve. The Foundation hopes to promote and assist others achieve their goals through sport by way of endowments and grants. 

Amateur sports deserve support at a grassroots level. Brian understood that amateur sports are built on huge personal commitment of literally thousands of volunteers.

A key objective of the Foundation is to develop and encourage participation in a range of sporting activities both at club and college levels. Helping people become the best that they can be through sport is something which Brian would appreciate very much and we envisage that any individual who receives a sporting bursary on behalf of the foundation will display the characteristics that set Brian apart both on and off the sporting field.
When Brian had his injury the business world’s gain was certainly GAA football’s loss – his departure from the game due to his injury in 1987 was a tragedy for Brian, his family, his club and his county and for the countless numbers of Down supporters who were robbed of the opportunity to witness and appreciate the outstanding natural skills of Brian as a great Gaelic footballer.
Sean O Neill, triple all All-Ireland winner with Down and named in GAA team of the century   
Brian was a talented all round sportsman who excelled at Gaelic football. It was a passion that stayed with him throughout his life. From his early beginnings on the Rice Cup teams in the Abbey Primary right through to the hallowed turf of Clones and Croke Park with this beloved Down. He was as they say ”A natural”. Two footed, tall with a physique to match. A stylish footballer with a panache for high fielding.
I played with Brian for school and club and it was no surprise when the Down senior team came calling. He was a prolific minor and immediately moved on to the senior team at 18 years old.
An Ulster final appearance in 1986 with Down indicated that his greatness and ability was coming to the fore. The following national league campaign showed him to be an integral part of the senior team facing the likes of the Kerry golden team in Newcastle Brian showed he was able to hold his own with some of the greats of GAA football. 
Brian had all the attributes you would’ve wanted to play Gaelic football in those days. I would safely say had it not been for his injury he would have been part of those Down teams that won All Ireland’s in the 90’s. Brian was a great GAA player for Down and in later years a great GAA man for Down.
DJ Kane, Down All Ireland winner and captain 1994
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