2022 Initiatives

Initiatives in 2022

Advancement of Education

  •  Scholarships will be awarded to students to assist with academic fees for the duration of their third level Education. (across all disciplines)
  • The Foundation will work with local schools and universities with the process commencing in Autumn 2022. Further Details an application process and criteria will be published on our website at that time.

Advancement of Amateur Sport

  • Scholarship for Gaelic Football with Queen’s University Belfast. Brian Conlon GAA Scholarship will recognise young footballers who display exceptional academic and sporting potential. This will be promoted throughout schools in Ulster to encourage young students to follow in Brian’s footsteps and aspire to excellence, both on and off the pitch. This award will be announced by the university on 25th April 2022.
  • For a number of years Brian competed in and personally donated to the Crooked Lake Camlough Triathlon. It was an event that he loved. Our Foundation will become one of the events Partners in June 2022. As a community event any funds donated from the foundation will help fund the race and go towards community events in the area.

Cancer Research

  • Foundation to partner with Partner G Johnston Centre for Cancer Research (QUB) to provide additional funding into resourcing/research of Oesophageal cancer specifically early diagnosis. Further details of this initiative will be available on 25th April once announced by the University.

Community Giving

  • Annually Brian contributed to the five charities below which for his own personal reasons were close to his heart. We will continue with the spirit of his charitable giving by donating funds to these charities:
    • Newry Gateway Club
    • Simon Community
    • Saint Vincent De Paul
    • Concern
    • Newry Hospice

Hometown Of Newry

  • The Foundation will partner with the Communities Foundation of Northern Ireland to give several awards and donations to local charities and community organisations in Newry City
  • Application for grants will commence in May 2022 with awards being given in June 2022.
  • Application process for grants with the Community Foundation (NI) is now closed for 2022.

The above is currently what we plan to deliver in 2022. Our initiatives and deliveries may continue to evolve not only later this year but in future years.

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